G: You knitting anything now, mama?
Me: No, did you want me to knit you something?
G: How about a hat!
Me: What color?
G: Red! Let’s do it!

Off to pull some red yarn from my stash. Or maybe rainbow, to match his scarf.


G and I went to the yarn store today so I could buy yarn for my next few projects (all socks) and I just had to share:

Noro sock yarn. That’s sock one and sock two, just sitting there. 🙂

Jojoland Melody Superwash. More socks!

More Jojoland. G picked this ball out and wouldn’t put it down, so I guess he’s getting some wee socks too.

All of this buying happened because I’m almost done with the blanket I’m making for my friend’s impending baby:

Only 2.5 more circuits to go, and it’s done!

I have also kind of stalled on this baby sweater:
As I am not working from a pattern per se I am having trouble figuring out how to deal with the neckline. I might just frog it and make it into a purse.

(Incidentally, we are currently watching Octopussy, and I think I’ve lost the plot already. There’s a clown being chased through the woods. Am very confused.)

The next best thing

Hey, three posts in a day!

My next knitting project is a baby sweater for my friend Christine’s impending arrival. It’s going to be based on the pattern on this bag:


She’s having a girl and I’m so excited to finally do girl colors! The background will be purple, with magenta and lavender accents. I’ll replace the purled pattern with a colorwork pattern. Can’t wait! Just have to find a sweater pattern to base it on….

Kauni Complete!

Overall this was a fun sweater to knit. I just wish the yarn was a bit softer. Because it’s wool it’s kind of scratchy so I’m not sure G will be willing to wear it. I was also hoping that blocking would help out some of my misshapen squares, but no dice. I didn’t really block this well – just swished it around in warm water with some conditioner in it then laid it flat and stomped on it for a few minutes. It’s currently drying on a towel.



If I could find a softer version of this yarn I’d be in love.

The internets are marvelous

I have discovered knitting blogs. God help us all.

Since first stumbling across the Yarn Harlot (how? I don’t even remember) I have started work on the Kauni knit along pattern that everyone seems to be doing this summer. How dedicated am I to it? Well, I had to special order the yarn. From Canada. And did I mention that I’ve never done color work before?

Given that I have the attention span of a goldfish I sensibly decided to make the sweater for BabyFizz before making a grownup version. It’s going much faster than I thought it would, all things considered. I will post pictures tomorrow. I am expecting that hilarity will ensue when I try to put in the arm holes, as I have only the vaguest idea how arm holes are put into sweaters knit in the round. I have spent the last two nights plus a couple meetings trying to figure out how one does it.