The loooong weekend

At least it’s been a long weekend for me – I’ve taken the last two days off work, and it looks like today’s going to be a wash too. Oh well!

First bit of news: I broke my toe. Or I think I did. We did groundfighting in karate on Saturday and I used my toes to grab up extra toefuls of mat before trying to flip the guy on top of me. However, the guy on top of me was heavy, and my second-to-littlest toe on my left foot snapped. It was an icky sound that made me stop paying attention to the guy on top of me which allowed him to choke me until I had to tap out. Owie. So my toe swelled up a bit and turned purple, but that didn’t keep me from dancing on it both Saturday and Sunday nights! It’s feeling better now, but I found out this morning that close-toed shoes are still not a good idea.

Item the Second: No more performances for a few weeks! Yippee! I look back on the days when I danced EVERY Friday and Saturday night, sometimes twice a night, and wonder how my husband put up with it! It was impossible to go to the movies (unless we went very late) and we could never do dinners with friends. Now, I usually perform less than once a week, teach a couple private lessons a week, and make FAR more than I did dancing two gigs each Friday and Saturday night. Ah, life is good.

3. One of my students had her debut at a restaurant I dance at on Sunday night. She was WAY cute, and (I think) every bit as nervous as I was when I started performing (I once peed 8 times in the 10 minutes prior to a show). We just did a 3 minute drum solo duet, but we got lots of compliments!

4. Also on Sunday night my husband cooked the most amazing dinner ever (and I’m not just writing that because he subscribes to this blog). Seared pepper encrusted tuna, garlic mashed potatoes, a wasabi sauce and a mushroom sauce, amazing spinach salad with toasted almonds, raspberries, and homemade dressing, and blueberry cobbler with homemade ice cream for dessert. The sum total of my contribution to this effort was to toast the almonds (and I burned the first batch) and make the cobbler and potatoes. Anyway, this level of dining sophistication was required because we had our freshman-year-of-high-school english teacher and his wife over for dinner. They’re always an interesting couple to have over – we talked about happiness, death, life, religion, the afterlife, and how all our families were doing. I think it’s the first time we’ve done real, grown-up entertaining in our new house….

5. I painted the shelves my husband built (with a ton of help from my mom! Thanks, mom!). We now have floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in our living room, which I can’t wait to fill with books (still waiting for ’em to dry).

6. I built shelves in my sewing room (with some help from Mr. Fizz). Someday I will have enough shelving in there to hold all my costumes, costume pieces, fabric and yarn!

And that has been my exciting long weekend! I am eagerly (and nervously) awaiting the arrival of my friend and her two year old son – I’m supposed to watch the son for a couple hours while my friend pampers herself for her birthday. I haven’t babysat (babysitted?) for years and years and years, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to deal with the kid for two whole hours! What if I have to change a diaper? What if I have to pee and he gets into any of the sharp, pointy objects strewn around our adults-only house? Do I have to take him into the bathroom with me? Ack!

Maybe I *can* dance!

I tuned into the premier of “So You Think You Can Dance” on Wednesday to see if I’d made it into any of the montages. And I did! It wasn’t even embarrassing! My face appeared (for all of 0.05 seconds) in a montage of belly dancers who tried out for the event. If you blinked, you missed me – but at least they didn’t include any of the awkward conversation I had with one of the producers! A flashback:

{Fizz is onstage in NYC with a sword in hand, ready to do a 10 second piece for the producers}

Nigel: So, what do you do with your sword?

Fizz: I balance it.

Nigel: Where?

Fizz: On my head, shoulder, hip, etc.

Except I didn’t actually say etc.

Nigel: Do you do anything else with it?

Fizz: Uhm….

Nigel: Do you…swallow?

(Other judges erupt in laughter)

Fizz: Er…I know this is going to air on the Fox network, but I’m STILL not going to answer that.

I got to relive that conversation in all its humiliating glory for a film crew AFTER I did my dance piece and was cut. (I should add, having seen what they made the remaining dancers do, that it’s good that I got cut…when I attempt any dance form besides belly dance I get a severe case of white man’s overbite and can only remember to do the butter churn and the shopping cart).


Anyway, I was disappointed to see that the one belly dancer they focused on in the show named her gi-normous breasts as her most expensive belly dance accessory. Ick. And really, flaunting huge fake jugs like that just makes it harder for the rest of us belly dancers to convince the general public that we are not, in fact, strippers. And there is not one single move in belly dance that requires any boobage whatsoever. Again, ick.

On a positive note, keep your eye on dancer #5 in the Move of the Week montage on the Fox website. She auditioned in my group and, not only was she very, very nice, she was also an incredibly fabulous dancer.