wait…don’t hate me

I just re-read my last post, and I should hasten to add that at this restaurant I’m talking about there are two paid dancers to anchor the night (I was one of those last night), and then a series of unpaid new-ish dancers doing 5-10 minute performances. No undercutting here!

the way it should be

I performed last night at a restaurant I haven’t danced at in a long time (like, since December). It’s a venue that doesn’t pay very well, but does support new dancers in their quest to find more regular restaurant work. And the woman who books there is very nice. So nice that she let me dance there last night, having been booked back in February, despite the fact that I now have a pronounced belly. I asked her afterwards if maybe possibly I could could make short, unpaid appearances at this restaurant as I get bigger, just so I can keep performing at some level, and she said that was fine. And, despite my experience with the last horrible restaurant, I actually believed what she said.

I am due to dance at one more full restaurant gig next Thursday, and then, by golly, I’m done! I will continue to teach, but I think I will remain on hiatus from the restaurant circuit until next year or so….


I took the advice of every pregnancy book EVER and went for a swim today. It was a bizarre experience. My stroke of choice is the breast stroke because it a) doesn’t allow water in my ears b) my goggles don’t leak and c) I can alternate between powering the stroke with my arms and legs when one or the other gets tired. But it also leaves my belly hanging down, and I had no trouble picturing BabyFizz free falling in my cushy uterus, finally freed from the constraints imposed by my muscles when I stand up and my spine when I lay down.

After swimming for half an hour I emerged, slightly dizzy, but feeling well exercised. I also weighed myself and found that I have gained 11 pounds since I got pregnant (that is 0.61 lbs per week if you like to keep track of things that way). This puts me right on track for gaining 35lbs over the course of the pregnancy (figure 1lb per week for 22 more weeks) which is the upper limit of the recommended gain for normal weight people.

Incidentally, after doing all these calculations I realized that my initial goal of NEVER EVER cracking 160 lbs is just not realistic. It is more realistic to pledge that I will NEVER EVER go above 170 – though I did mention hitting 180 to Mr. Fizz the other day, and he didn’t even bat an eyelash. Mr. Fizz also bought me a peanut butter and chocolate sauce sundae on Sunday. He is very high on my list of fabulous people right now.

baby got back

Whenever I see pregnant women I am quick to mock their posture – look at them sticking their bellies out, compressing their lower vertebrae and making their butt look bigger than usual! Ha!

Except now I can’t tighten my lower stomach muscles without feeling, in a gross and squishy way, my uterus being smacked back against my spine. It is not a pleasant feeling, and I can’t imagine that BabyFizz enjoys being contorted in such a way. So I have abandoned my belly dancer’s pelvic tuck and embraced the pregnancy pook. My back will, I am sure, take it out on me later.

Like ships passing in the night

All semester, when I’ve had to miss various meetings with my advisor due to my TA-ing schedule, I’ve been careful to email him and say, “I can’t make X meeting because I have a TA meeting/recitation/office hours in that time slot.” So imagine my surprise when….

Fizz (passing advisor in the hall while carrying chalk and exams): Well, I’m off to teach mendelian genetics!
Advisor: Genetics?
Fizz: Yeah, the kids have to learn all about Punnett Squares today!
Advisor: Kids?
Advisor: You’re TA-ing this semester?
Fizz: Uhm, yeah.

Am also bitchy

I called the restaurant I normally dance at to get my may dates – the restaurant I’ve been dancing at for more than two years, the restaurant that took the news of my pregnancy so well – and was told I’d be too pregnant looking to dance for them in may. So I asked to confirm my upcoming April date, and was told that, no, I’d be too pregnant then too, so they’d gone ahead and booked someone else for that night.

I would understand the restaurant’s attitude were it a restaurant that catered to 20-something ultra-hip Arabs, but this place endeavors to be a family restaurant, where you can take your kids for a good meal and a family friendly belly dance show. Would kids and their parents really be that offended by a pregnant dancer?



One of my labmates finally had the courage to ask if I was pregnant.

Labmate: So, when are you due?
Fizz: Due?
Labmate: When’s your due date?
Fizz: Due date?
Labmate: Oh…never mind.
Fizz: No! You’re right! September 21st!

It’s fun messing with their heads….

Though I am planning on wearing my new shirt to work today. It says “In the John Hurt way” on the front and “Incubating an alien life form” on the back. That may clear up any remaining ambiguity or it may just confuse my coworkers more. Depends on whether they watch coupling, I think….

The time has come

to introduce babyfizz to the world. This is an outdated picture – babyfizz is now 16 weeks along, and in a mere three weeks we’ll find out whether its a boy or a girl (as long as babyfizz cooperates, of course). Isn’t BF beautiful?


Well, maybe not beautiful, but doesn’t he look like he’s got two arms and to legs, and maybe the beginnings of finger? Yes indeed, he does.

I could write about my whole first trimester experience, but there is nothing much to write. I had no morning sickness, I was dog tired the whole time, and I gained some weight. And worried constantly about losing BF, a worry that is only now just starting to lessen.

I will, however, do a better job about updating this, now that BF is out in the open (just told my boss last week!).