My advisor brought a package of walnuts back from China with him.  The information on the back is in both chinese and english.  Under list of possible uses for the walnuts:
A)  Leisurely and carefree sock,sweet affertaste remains long.

I’m not sure how that’s a use, or why socks are involved, but at least you can taste it for a while!

You say tomato, I say hippopotamus

English is not the first language of many of my coworkers. This means that when it comes time for them to give lab meeting presentations, we tend to have conversations along the lines of:

Audience member: So you’re saying the sky is blue?

Presenter: Yes, I really like dogs. They are my favorite pet.

Except the topic involved tends to be biology. I am never sure if the presenters, all of whom are capable of carrying on very nice conversations in English if you ask them something in lab, are hiding behind the language barrier to avoid answering the harder questions, or if they are really just confused.

somebody loves me

When I returned from dance class last night I discovered that somebody had made my mostest favoritest roasted potatoes, along with bbq chicken and corn on the cob.

That certain somebody also did ALL the dishes and gave me a long back massage.

I think he might like me.  🙂

dry, dammit!

Thanks to the 22 inches of rain we’ve enjoyed in the last two months, my raised garden bed was looking like a koi pond with a few leafy greens in it on Friday.  You see, when I built the damn thing, I didn’t expect all the rain.  In fact, I expected to have to water the plants every day.  So I carefully lined the wood with a double layer of thick plastic to keep all the lead in the soil out.  I didn’t bother to poke any drainage holes – I mean, who needs drainage holes?  Drainage holes might let the lead in anyway….

And then the rain started.  Despite a few days of sun last week, the garden didn’t dry out.  The last straw was the pond we found on Friday.  We spent some time poking holes in the plastic where there were gaps in the 4x4s surrounding the bed and watched as the water FINALLY drained.  I am hoping that with the sun today we will be able to get the garden a little drier.  The amazing thing is that all the plants seem to be doing okay except for the pepper.  The sad little pepper is all wilted and probably has root rot.

Next year, lead be damned, we’re poking holes in the plastic at the bottom of the bed, layering gravel and sand, and then planting things.  And watch: next year will be bone dry.


We visited our friends K and T last night and met their 17 day old son, Quinn.  He is absolutely amazing – so tiny, and so perfect (and so willing to be held by complete strangers!)  K and T were kind enough to show off their new parenting skills: we watched demonstrations on how to hand off the baby, breast feed, change a diaper and put on a onesie and socks.

I had all sorts of other things to write about meeting Quinn (and I’ve been ruminating on this post all day) but it was just such a special experience to meet him and hold him that I think I’ll leave it at this for now….

I’m blue (da blue dee da blue da)

My beloved Le Pen uncapped itself in my bag sometime in the last day.  Now many things are Le Bleu, including my school ID, driver’s license and a credit card.  I cleaned up most of the mess with some paper towel and then discovered that, while not permanent, Le Bleu is most difficult to get off.  It is especially attracted to my chipped clear nail polish, and it now looks like I’m wearing chipped blue nail polish.  Which was totally my look circa 1996, but now I am no longer 17 and the most I can manage on my finger nails is a mild mauve.
Let’s all please remember that I have a formal wedding to go to tomorrow, and cannot have blue hands (though they WOULD match my dress….)

I feel a trip to the manicurist coming on….

you’re getting sleeeeeeeeepy

BabyFizz decided that exercise time = 4am to 6am in the morning.  He spent the time practicing his new skill – a rapid succession of kicks and punches on alternating sides of my belly.

Of course, now that I have to be awake, he’s fast asleep and not moving.

There must be some way to retrain him in utero.

so confusing….

I am trying to register for the baby shower. I have only the slightest idea of what is useful to have around the house for babies. On previous occasions when we had a child over (admittedly, a two year old) we found that whoopee cushions and our robot dog were sufficient entertainment. If the child got bored, he could start pulling books off of our bookshelves and eating the dust bunnies thereby revealed.

But our own kid? I have discovered that babies require

1) a crib
2) a car seat

3) a bath thingie

which led to:

4) crib sheets

    a) crib bumper (?)

    b) dust ruffle (??)

5) bath accessories

    a) a washcloth? two? a dozen?

    b) a towel?

6) clothing

    a) my mom laughed when I said I registered for three onesies…and suggested I register for about a dozen more. Which made me think of

    b) bibs! And that led me to

7) feeding apparatuses, which can be roughly divided into:

    a) breast pump

        i) other things that seem to go along with the breast pump

        ii) how much milk am I possibly going to want to pump and freeze?

        iii) is it rude to register for intimate things, like nipple cream and nursing pads?

    b) bottles

        i) newborn? older?

        ii) you have to sterilize them? can I do that in lab? we do have an autoclave….

8) I am told there is poo

    a) diapers? cloth is what we want, but where to buy them?

    b) wipey things?

    c) a hamper for dirty ones, but why do all the hampers look like it’s a major undertaking to remove the liner?

    d) washer and dryer up in our condo (Mr. Fizz had better get cracking on that)

I do not know what else to register for, nor do I know what brand/model of things to buy. Mr. Fizz does not want a stroller. Target does not sell slings and pouches. And don’t get me started on childproofing the house. We will be an experiment in darwinism.

back on the right coast, the VT wedding, baby things

We’re back, which means no more daily updates! Life at home just isn’t that interesting, I’m afraid.

The day after we returned (having spent a mere 12 hours at home) we piled back in the car (at least it was our car this time!  Kia Rios don’t have very good lumbar support, but the Corolla is very comfy) and drove up to Burlington, VT for the wedding of our good friend Charlie from high school.

Digression: when Mr. Fizz and I started dating in high school,  Charlie said quite emphatically that if we got married he wanted to be the one to marry us.   And we made sure that he was – he plays the role of officiant very well.

Anyway, got to VT, met a friend, ate dinner in Burlington, went to bed.  The next day we ate breakfast, went for a drive up Mt. Philo, prepped for the wedding, and headed out!  The wedding was at Kingsland Bay State Park, which is a lovely park on the shores of Lake Champlain.  The grounds were once a large family estate, and the still-standing main house is lovely.  The area also served as a summer camp, and the wedding reception was held in what was probably once the dining hall.  Both ceremony and reception were lovely; very reflective of Charlie and Jen’s tastes.

Mr. Fizz and I spent about an hour of the reception getting a lesson on cloth diapering from Charlie’s older sister – she and her husband showed us all the models of cloth diaper they use, and instructed us on diaper disposal and washing, cost and all the other goodies we hadn’t yet gotten around to learning.

Sunday was brunch with Charlie, Jen, and many many friends from high school.  I broke a croquet mallet during a particularly heated argument with my ball (“Go THROUGH the hoop, dammit!”).  Then back to our hometown, where we met with a homebirth midwife and took our first hypnobirthing class – but I am late for dinner so I will blog all that later….

driving driving driving and more driving.

So.  Much.  Driving.

We left SF at 10, arrived in LA around 6 after two rest stops, two stops to refill the tank, and about 400 miles of very flat land.   We were making good time until we got about 25 miles outside LA, at which point rush hour traffic kicked in and we slowed to a crawl.  Of course, we tried to take a short cut using the GPS but this took us on roads that had stop lights every block and weren’t moving faster than the freeway.  So we’d get back on the freeway only to hop off again a few miles later, sure that this latest short cut would be faster.  Grr.

We’re staying near the airport at a Mariott.  I am very much looking forward to going home tomorrow!