Not Fade Away

My linea negra is almost entirely faded, which means that unless I am toting BabyFizz there is no longer any sign that I have given birth. This means I’m just another obese american, toting around extra pounds (20, to be exact) and avoiding the gym. Sad.


Mr. Fizz and I attended our ten year high school reunion last night.  It was truly bizarre to see all our classmates, all grown up.  Many are still in school; those who aren’t seem to be in some sort of financial field.  The men have gotten fatter, the women have lost their baby fat (though some of them have gained babies).  The cliques reformed  as soon as people walked in the door.

Every time Mr. Fizz and I attend a function like this we ask one another: how do you marry someone you didn’t go to high school with?  It seems strange that our friends marry people they’ve only known for a few years; I’m glad Mr. Fizz and I still have all our high school memories and jokes to reminisce about.  And incidentally, we discovered at the reunion that we are one of three married couples from our high school class.  Not bad for a class of 400.

BabyFizz wakes….


BabyFizz had his first shots today.  It was a trying experience for him, but I think I cried more.  He just cried because he hates (HATES!) being held down at all.  The shots have produced the Screamies, which lasted all afternoon (alternating with the Sleeps).  No fever as yet, but we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

We also learned that BF is just shy of 12lbs (more than double his lowest weight) and is growing nicely.


I noticed the other day that the care instructions on BabyFizz’s onesies say to use a cool iron on them after washing and drying.  In terms of ridiculousness that ranks right up there with ironing and folding thongs.

Also, BF had a new record tonight – three hours and forty five minutes between feedings!  There is yet hope that he’ll sleep through the night soon….