1993, again

Way back in the days when grunge ruled and plaid flannel was in, I dated a boy named Josh.  We met at the campground in Maine that my family spent a week at each summer.  We spent that week in August together, and afterwards we wrote almost daily letters to one another.  He visited me every couple months, and introduced me to Counting Crows, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains, and the other staples of my high school soundtrack. (Incidentally, in my self obsessed teenage mind, the Counting Crows album entitled “August and Everything After” was written JUST FOR ME because I’d met Josh in August and..you know!  Meaningful!)  He also gave me his jacket to wear, an army style green jacket bought at an army-navy surplus store.  Those sorts of jackets were the pinnacle of teenage fashion then, and I wore mine over my flannel shirts with pride.


I noticed yesterday that the Gap has begun selling replicas of that jacket.

This can only mean one thing:  grunge is coming back.

Sweet baby jebus, I must pull out my flannel shirts and overalls…my dreams are coming true!

let’s do the time warp again!

One thing about attending a school renowned for its geekiness is that I never know what’s a fashion disaster and what’s a nod to the super cool retro 80s style you see in the fashion mags.

Case in point: the girl walking in front of me yesterday had on acid washed skinny jeans paired with electric blue velvet pumps.