security issues

Most other kids I know have a security blanket. My son has a security cookie. Every morning I hand him a teething cookie as I stuff him in his infant carseat. Technically it’s an incentive for him to stay seated, as he can now twist around and stand up in that carseat. I then swing all 30lbs of carseat and baby in an arc around my waist, and BabyFizz closes his eyes and starts humming himself to sleep while eating his cookie. If he falls asleep and drops the cookie, he pops awake. Sometimes he falls asleep mid-chew. Usually he gets about a third of the way through the cookie before he falls asleep for good, cookie still clutched in his little hand. When the cookie finally falls I know it’s okay to transfer him into his crib.
While I am fine with the idea of the security cookie itself, this morning ritual is complicated by the fact that these teething cookies are English. And only found in England. I had to order our latest batch off of BF goes through two cookies a day on average…it’s an expensive habit!

Roomba Redux

As all two of my readers may know, I harbor a thinly concealed hatred for our roomba.  When cleaning the living room, it spends 90% of the time cleaning 10% of the area, and that 10% is usually located under the couch.  I really don’t care if I have dust bunnies the size of babyfizz under the couch.  Nobody is going to check.

However, I discovered today that roombas have no problem picking up Kix off the floor.  Our floor is currently strewn with Kix, because BF refuses to leave them on his plate and prefers to eat them off the floor (either licking them up or picking them up…he doesn’t care).  So, the fact that roomba can clean our floor-Kix every night is major.  I have a new appreciation for our little vacuum.

Incidentally, BF fears the roomba – because it sits innocently, its power light flashing beguilingly, until BF crawls over and starts banging in the approximate location of the blinky power light.  Then roomba roars to life and BF starts screaming.

That updating thing.

In the last month BF got more stamps on his passport than I had when I was 18 (heck, I didn’t even GET a passport until I was 17!).  We took a much-needed family vacation to Israel (to visit relatives), England (to visit friends) and Belgium (to buy belly dance costumes).  BabyFizz traveled by plane (both business class and cattle class), train (under the English Channel) and car (screamily).  During our travels he learned how to roll over, and since we’ve been back he’s perfected crawling.  It is a scary time, since I can’t just leave the wee one alone and expect him to be in the same place (or the same room) when I get back.

We learned several very important things about traveling with BF: first, do not assume that your stroller will be waiting for you as you get off the plane.  So far, it was waiting for 5/6 flights, but that last flight we had to pick it up by the baggage claim – and waiting in line for passport control with a fussy baby and no stroller is not a good way to spent half an hour.  Since then I have bought an Ergo carrier – expensive, but very comfortable – and am trying to get BF used to being carried in it.  So far he doesn’t much care for it.

We also learned that Israelis and Europeans have much less of a sense of personal space around babies.  Nearly everyone who noticed BF would reach out a stroke his cheek as he passed.  Many people asked to hold him.  We got through a couple almost-baby-free meals by pawning him off on restaurant staff/other diners.  It was wonderful.

Lastly, we learned that our days of carefree driving are behind us.  Somewhere in Belgium, BF discovered that he hated the car.  HAAAAAAATED.  Unless, of course, a parent was sitting next to him making funny faces.  Most of our car trips were restricted to nap times after that little discovery.

Now that we’re home, things are back to the same old routine.  Too much work, too little free time.  I will try to update more regularly.