The internets are marvelous

I have discovered knitting blogs. God help us all.

Since first stumbling across the Yarn Harlot (how? I don’t even remember) I have started work on the Kauni knit along pattern that everyone seems to be doing this summer. How dedicated am I to it? Well, I had to special order the yarn. From Canada. And did I mention that I’ve never done color work before?

Given that I have the attention span of a goldfish I sensibly decided to make the sweater for BabyFizz before making a grownup version. It’s going much faster than I thought it would, all things considered. I will post pictures tomorrow. I am expecting that hilarity will ensue when I try to put in the arm holes, as I have only the vaguest idea how arm holes are put into sweaters knit in the round. I have spent the last two nights plus a couple meetings trying to figure out how one does it.


Over the last two months I’ve composed a lot of blog posts in my head.  Either they end up in modified form on BF’s website, or they just crawl back into the recesses of my brain and die.  I know I had something to post about here…I composed a whole post in my head the other day…but now I can’t even remember what it was supposed to be about.  Instead I will tell you what I did this summer.

First, I got up early.  A lot.  BF wakes up by 6 each morning, and does not like to spend his early mornings with Mr. Fizz.  I can’t remember the last time I slept past 7.

Second, we went to two weddings, the first in NH (who knew a two hour car ride could take five hours and include multiple playground stops?) and the second in California (bonus: waking up with BF at 3am our first night in CA because…well…it’s six am body time!).  Both weddings were lovely, and BF was pretty well behaved.

Apart from that, I have worked a lot, been to most of the playgrounds within a mile of our house, and enjoyed the summer weather.  I can’t believe it’s almost September….