An Ode to My Sock

Reasons I hate knitting leg-down socks:
1) Ribbing. Almost all socks start with it, and getting through repetitive ribbing to the actual pattern is my main impediment to sock making.
2) Nothing to do after the ribbing. Up until my current sock project, I’ve knit plain socks. Rounds of stockinette stitch get boring after five or six inches
3) No way to tell how long you should knit before turning the heel. Knit too long and you’ll run out of yarn. Knit too short and you’ll have way too much yarn left over. And I hate ripping out my knitting once I’ve passed the heel/gusset.
4) No way to tell if the sock will actually fit. I have wide feet. Socks that fit my calf might not fit my foot.
5) Toe decreases are an inexact science. It takes a few tries to actually get the toe decreases right, and to have the sock end where it needs to.

Reasons I love toe up socks:
1) Fascinating cast on. Could contemplate its seamlessness for hours.
2) Immediate gratification! Toe increases start immediately and go quickly. Pattern starts right after that. Most importantly, no ribbing at the start!
3) More immediate gratification! I can instantly check whether the sock is wide enough for my foot!
4) I know exactly how much yarn I can use for each sock, and the sock stops when the yarn runs out. Genius!

(I still haven’t hit the gusset or heel on my socks, so my love of toe up socks may come to an abrupt end in a few days)

Toe up

I cast on my first toe up sock on Thursday. It took me about an hour to work out the cast on and get the sock going, but I think I like knitting toe up better than leg down – this way I can just divide my yarn in half and knit until it runs out! (Though I may change my mind after I tackle the gusset and heel flap – I still can’t wrap my mind around how those work when knitting toe up)

The sock so far:dscf2908.JPG


G and I went to the yarn store today so I could buy yarn for my next few projects (all socks) and I just had to share:

Noro sock yarn. That’s sock one and sock two, just sitting there. 🙂

Jojoland Melody Superwash. More socks!

More Jojoland. G picked this ball out and wouldn’t put it down, so I guess he’s getting some wee socks too.

All of this buying happened because I’m almost done with the blanket I’m making for my friend’s impending baby:

Only 2.5 more circuits to go, and it’s done!

I have also kind of stalled on this baby sweater:
As I am not working from a pattern per se I am having trouble figuring out how to deal with the neckline. I might just frog it and make it into a purse.

(Incidentally, we are currently watching Octopussy, and I think I’ve lost the plot already. There’s a clown being chased through the woods. Am very confused.)

the un-diet

On Sunday Mr. Fizz suggested that we eat salads for dinner this week since we both need to lose a bit of weight.

Tonight’s salad featured cheddar cheese, olive oil and a whole lot of prosciutto. Not exactly weight watchers.

Oh, and dessert was girl scout cookies.

I love this city, but holy christ there are some weirdos here

As I’m walking home from work my shoelace came undone. I bent over to tie it, and took a couple steps, heard someone approaching behind me and bent over to adjust it again so they could pass. The footsteps stopped right behind me. I stood up to find a middle aged guy staring at me.

“Can I help you?” I asked
“Do I look like I need help?”
loooong pause during which I wait for him to proceed down the sidewalk and he just stares at me.
“But I’m not sure why you’re standing there,” says I.
“Because I refuse to let you walk behind me.”
“Errrr…I’ll cross the street then.”


Learning curve

I have a new theory for belly dance classes:

The more advanced the dancer, the cheaper/less flashy the practice attire.

I attended a multi-level class last night, and was amused to see the student divide – the advanced dancers and pros were by and large wearing yoga pants and $10 dollar turkish special hip scarves (or no hipscarves at all), while the newer dancers were wearing skirts and elaborate $50 egyptian hip scarves.

I fondly remember that for the first four or five years of dance classes I wore one of my many full circle skirts and an expensive hip scarf to each class. It was a time to dress up and wear all the costumes I made or bought but never had a chance to wear as I wasn’t yet performing. Now I have a dozen designer costumes and never spend money on practice wear. Reallocation of resources, I guess!

In passing

I found out last week that my third grade teacher, Ms. Ross, passed away on March 2nd. Ms. Ross was my favorite elementary school teacher – she taught us about warm fuzzies and cold pricklies, and made learning seem effortless and fun. News of her death caught me off guard, as I’d just been thinking about her last Monday. She used to play stories on tape to our class, and I remembered one in particular that I thought G would enjoy soon. It had a catchy refrain.

For some reason all my teachers seem ageless – it was strange to think of Ms. Ross as being 60. I had her as my third grade teacher 22 years ago, during her first year teaching in Lexington. I assumed at the time that she was in her early 20s – it being her first year teaching in Lexington and all, and of course I assumed she was fresh out of…wherever teachers went to become teachers.

This makes me wonder what my other teachers are doing. Maybe I’ll actually take the time to visit Lexington High School next week to catch up with Ms. Dyro, Mr. Kollen and Madame Oussayef, among all the others.