3 ways in which vacation is kicking my ass

1. Welcome to Florida! Here’s some heat rash to remind you that your body hasn’t seen the sun in six months!

2. Vomitorious child. Throws up at the dolphin and whale show at the Miami Seaquarium. Throws up in carseat. Throws up a whole lot at the apartment, but by this time I’m wising up to the vom and carrying a bucket around.

3. Noisy upstairs neighbors. I’d forgotten what a bitch it is to live downstairs from someone, especially when that someone comes home from clubbing at 2:30 and spends an hour moving furniture and walking around in high heels.

Miami bonus: got to witness first police chase and shootout today. You know it’s a good vacation when you actually say, “Drive AWAY from the gunshots!”

which fairy?

After bellydance class last night one of the girls played a cute song by Deidre Flint entitled “The Boob Fairy.” The chorus repeats the line “The boob fairy never came for me” several times.

Part way through the song our teacher asked if we were meant to take the song at face value. “Sure!” we all said. Our teacher paused and listened again, and then asked, “But what IS the Boot Fairy?”


Boston.com is reporting that it’s been 165 days since the temperature last hit 70 degrees in the city. That would be sometime around the end of October. And here I thought that winter just *seemed* to last forever!

Lucky number

On this night 13 years ago I spent the evening walking around the grounds of my high school with my best friend. We’d just finished performing in a variety show at the school – he doing his magic act with a very cool guillotine and me acting as his lovely assistant.

As we finished our walk and headed back into school my best friend stopped me and said, “There’s something I’ve been wanting to ask you for a while now…would you go out with me?”

And just like that Mr. Fizz and I began dating.

Mr. Fizz impresses me more and more every year – with how smart and driven he is, with what a great father he is, with how he still makes me laugh and is as easy to talk to as ever. Not to mention the fact that over the last few years he’s become a food-network-worthy chef AND he encourages me to get out and take dance classes because I need the “me” time. I don’t think my sixteen year old self knew what a great catch Mr. Fizz was, but at least I had the sense to say yes when he asked me out!

(Happy dating anniversary, Mr. Fizz!)

I admit I have a problem

I enjoy shopping. Perhaps a little too much. Tonight when I was rifling through my tank top bin for my pink tank top I came up with six (SIX!) nearly identical pink tank tops. Same with my shirts…who needs a half dozen black V-neck short sleeve shirts?

Here’s my resolution: no new tanks or short sleeve shirts until 2010. Anything I buy in the next two years needs to be able to make the transition from grad school to real job. In the meantime, I will rotate out half my shirts and half my tanks so they’re new to me when I bring them out again next year. Here’s hoping I can stick to this!

The MBTA needs help

Why does it seem that on the first of most months the brand new Charlie Card dispensers are unable to take credit cards? I would call this a crappy April Fool’s day joke, but it isn’t the first time this has happened.

No wonder they’re hurting for money…all the commuters were simply piggybacking their way onto the platform because nobody could buy their passes.