When I got G’s stomach bug in April, I ended up watching endless episodes of America’s Next Top Model. Now that I have G’s current stomach bug, guess what’s on tv? Sweet.

what if?

G has been sick with some sort of stomach virus for the last three days, which has reduced him to a clingy, sleepy puddle of toddler. He’s willing to tag along when I go out, so long as I wrap him in a blanket like a baby (“be-be bankie”). More importantly, instead of hitting the ground running as soon as we enter a store (“Gitchoo, mama! Gitchoo!” he screams as he bolts off down an aisle) he sits patiently in a stroller, holding his dig dumper and waiting for me to finish.

I hate it when G is sick, but I also wonder if this is what life is normally like with a less energetic child.

How to tell you’ve married the right guy

Mr. Fizz, G and I went to whole foods last night to buy some fixins for dinner. I wrangled G while Mr. Fizz wandered the store. When he met up with us I assumed he hadn’t picked anything out yet so I said, “You know what would be good for dinner? BBQ chicken. Ooh! And sweet potatoes!”

“Check the bag,” said Mr. Fizz.

And what was already in the bag? Chicken and sweet potatoes. Score!


G has made a return to his beeboybed, and has been doing well on it. I prop his door open a crack at night, but so far he hasn’t figured out that this means that he can leave his room on his own. At most I find him waiting smack on the other side of the door (which means that I now open the door VEEEERRRY slowly whenever I go into his room at night). On the other hand, it also means that I am spending way more time on G’s mattress, since when I go in to nurse him at night I usually just fall asleep.

(Note to self: time to night wean)

Riddle me this

Why does the same airline charge me $60 MORE for a nonstop flight to Minneapolis than a one-stop flight to Duluth that has a stopover in Minneapolis?

Can I book the cheaper flight and *not* get on the Minneapolis – Duluth leg of the trip?

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Both Friday and Saturday nights Mr. Fizz put G to sleep on his mattress on the floor. This is huge, since I have visions of G waking up at 4:46am and either 1) playing quietly in his room or 2) walking into our room, climbing into bed with us and scaring the bejesus out of me. Either outcome means I would no longer have to haul my butt out of bed at the crack of dawn every morning.

After iffy nights both Friday and Saturday (Saturday morning featured a 4:46am wakeup for good, followed by a monumental tantrum when I explained to G that he couldn’t leave his room until the clock said 6:00) we decided to try the mattress one last time last night. It was bad. G woke up every two hours screaming for water, and when I went in to him he was standing by his crib, forlornly saying “In! In!” After going in at 3am I put him in his crib. So, I give up. Crib it is, and we’ll try again in a few weeks.