The good life

Sitting on our back deck at 7:30am, eating mango-coconut popsicles, singing “I Dig Dirt,” and talking about how Percy went BAM! into the chocolate factory and had to have a bath. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Bozenka redux

I attended Bozenka’s workshop today, and just like last time I was blown away by her technique, her teaching ability, and the combinations she came up with, seemingly off the top of her head. The woman can think up some amazing combos, and I would do well to study her footwork. A lot. One of the things that really stuck with me was how she reminded us that we dancers need to be aware of how we look EVERY SECOND that we’re dancing – how the head is turned, how the neck is held, which way the hands are going, the orientation of the torso…everything matters. I have a hard time remembering all that, and it shows in the photos that people take of me.

So much to work on.

several small things

1. It is always nice to lose some of the lingering baby weight, but it sucks to do it in a way that also requires a test for salmonella.

2. When planning an outdoor wedding in July, it is probably best NOT to have it at noon in an unshaded area unless you also pass out sunscreen.

3. On the other hand, noon weddings are at naptime.

4. Also, noon weddings mean that your toddler will fall asleep by 6:45. Awesome.

5. A dozen big bowls of candy plus little paper bags for stashing it in = best wedding dessert idea EVER.

6. G eating (and eating…and eating) swedish fish is a sight not to be missed.


When I was 10 I had a bout of what I thought at the time was horrible insomnia – it kept me up until midnight or one most nights during the summer before I started middle school. My parents chalked it up to nerves about starting at a new (bigger!) school, and that may have been part of the problem – but whatever kept me awake to begin with always gave way to panic attacks as it got later and later and I couldn’t get to sleep.

I remember that I panicked because I thought I was the only person left awake. Somehow, to my 10 year old mind, there was a dead space in the middle of the night when nobody was awake (anywhere!) and I was left all alone. This caused me to panic a bit, which in turn kept me from sleeping, which turned into a vicious cycle. All this worry was reinforced by the fact that we lived on a very quiet street, so there was nary a car or an airplane to let me know that someone, somewhere, was still up.

I thought of all this tonight when I was walking home from dance class, over the BU bridge. Boston’s skyline twinkled in the distance – a hundred buildings lit up, the Hood Blimp floating over the Sox game. I still find it comforting to know that whenever I am up in the middle of the night there are thousands of people up with me, right in my own back yard.

Universe 3, Fizz 0

I’ve missed the last three dance events I really wanted to attend due to illness (mine or G’s). The first two events I was laid up with nasty stomach bugs passed to me via my efficient toddler incubator. Tonight G managed to step on a bee at the playground, so I stayed home to watch elmo and put the wee one to bed. And also appreciate my awesome bee-sting extracting husband and some extra sticky toddler kisses.