Working on my night mooooves

I am currently working on night-weaning Mr. G.

This is tough, more for me than for him I think.

Yesterday I warned him periodically that there would be no mama-moo at night, and each time I told him that he threw a half-hearted tantrum. When he finally called me in at 1:30am and I reiterated the no-moo rule, he threw an over-the-top I’m-totally-two tantrum, complete with kicking, screaming, hitting, biting, scratching and hair pulling (think of what would have happened if the drag queens on Project Runway last night had gotten in a fight while filming).

Of course, G is no dummy, when he realized after 15 minutes of tantrum that I wasn’t going to cave on the subject of moo he simply lay down and whimpered in his bed for the next 45 minutes. It took an hour, but he finally konked out.

He called me back in at 4:45am, and crawled into my lap and went back to sleep when he was told that there would be no moo. And then at 5:45 he popped up, declared, “Elmo! Teebee! On!” and shot out of his bedroom ignoring my suggestions that just a wee bit of moo might be in order so mama could continue sleeping.

I like the no moo rule, but I could do without the early mornings…. We’ll see how tonight goes.


Did you know that I-93 crosses the Pemigewasset river five times before exit 42?

G experienced his first camping trip this past weekend. We made it all of two nights before G’s budding cold got the better of us and we packed it in. Apart from the sniffles he seemed to enjoy it, though!


I love living in a city where a box of free books on the sidewalk draws everyone over for a look. I think it’s a combination of yankee frugality (free book? Saves me a trip to the library!) and the general over-edumacatedness of the town.


From the mouth of a seven year belly dance veteran at today’s benefit: “I just can’t DO choreography. I need to dance in the moment.” The irony was that her improvised song SUCKED. Big time.


I think I’m in love: I just bought a new macbook, and already I am in its thrall. Must go play with it.

love / hate / who knew?

Love: Zipcar. Despite the fact that the person who used the zipcar I had scheduled did not return it on time, she was kind enough to alert zipcar central, which called me and arranged another car from the same lot. I love how convenient it is to find a car for a couple hours at the last minute. I’m a convert!

Hate: Grocery shopping on a weekday afternoon, when all the seniors are perusing the goods and leaving their carts in the aisles. ARGH!

Who knew? My mom’s shrimp dipping sauce can be made from ketchup and horseradish! Yum!

REI vs EMS: outdoor outfitter smackdown

Bottom line: always go to EMS.

Yesterday we went tent shopping. Our first stop was at REI, where several green-vested salespeople staunchly ignored us for about fifteen minutes, and then when cornered admitted that they knew nothing about tents. Bah.

On to EMS, where as soon as we parked ourselves in front of the tent display a very enthusiastic salesguy inquired if we needed some help. “Why, yes!” we said, “We want to buy a six person tent. Can you recommend one?”

“Let me go see what we have in stock.”

Which…okay, doesn’t answer our question. Mr. Fizz and I almost left while waiting for the guy to return, mainly because all tents look the same in their bags. The guy eventually came back, toting two big bags. He had one tent in stock in the six person, and one in the four person version. “Which one do you want to see?” he asked.

“You mean…we can set them up?”

“Sure! How will you know if you like it until you set it up?”

So we moved displays, cleared a big area of floor, and set up the six person tent. It was huge, and awesome, even without the “vestibule” add-on (which pretty much doubles its size). We are now the proud owners of the Big Agnes Big House Six:


With optional vestibule:


(We didn’t buy the vestibule yet…we don’t need to sleep an extra 18 people….)

So, yay EMS. I’m a convert!