running update

Last Sunday I ran the Lone Gull 10k in Gloucester, Ma. It was a beautiful run (though it seemed like it was mostly uphill!), and I finished in 51:55, which was well under my goal of an hour. I just got my ranking results today, and found that I was 17th out of 89 in my age group. I think that’s fantastic for my first race, and it makes me even more excited to train for a half marathon!


I attended the inaugural meeting of the Common Cod Fiber Guild this evening. It was awesome.

I’ve never before sat in on a talk where the knitters outnumbered the non-knitters. In my row we were all knitters – a sock, a scarf, a hat, my sweater, another sweater and a sock. All clicking away while Franklin Habit of The Panopticon talked to us about photographing 1,000 knitters for his new book. Franklin made the point that of all the thousand knitters he photographed, no two knit the same way (except for the ladies of Eau Claire, Wi) – and it’s true. Looking down my row I marveled at all the different ways to feed, throw and tension the yarn.

The other major lesson I learned? Never knit something in front of other knitters if you don’t know the yarn brand and color. Oops.

Oh, the humanity

Mr. Fizz is packing me off for a weekend of bellydance at Rakassah East in New Jersey this October. I tried to convince him to pack up G and come with me, but he politely declined. And now I am obsessed with the prospect of this weekend away. Train down, sit for 48 hours watching bellydance performances and knitting, then a relaxing train ride back. Is there anything closer to heaven? I think not!

My only problem is now I’m seriously lusting after some of the beautiful hand painted sock yarns on Etsy. My goal is to give several of my friends socks for the holidays, and what better time to knock back some socks than while watching bellydance performances? (Especially since I know from previous visits to Rakassah that only one out of every four or five performances is worth *actually* watching).


Six more weeks until Rakassah.

no moo update

We have now completed two weeks of night weaning. It’s still tough, but I have hopes that it will get better. G is now consistently sleeping through the night to about 4:45am, at which point he calls me in, requests moo, and then spends the next hour whining about not getting moo. Oh, and then it’s time to get up! I have been less than productive at work the last two weeks simply because waking up before 5am makes me incredibly sleepy by about noon, and G has occasionally reverted to taking a morning nap because of waking so freakin’ early.

Next week while Mr. Fizz is away on business I will deal with the unfortunate 4:45am wake up.