SF Apartment

G’s room:

Kitchen from G’s doorway:

Other side of the kitchen – awesome views!

Living room:

The giant Pride flag at the intersection of Castro and Market – where we pick up the train. It’s a quick walk to the train, but a LOOOOONG walk back!

Muni meanies

G and I hit the SF zoo this afternoon. The zoo itself was great – sheep and goats wandering around to be petted and fed, peacocks also wandering free, great playgrounds – but getting there was a pain.

The L train theoretically stops at the zoo – a handicapped accessible stop, meaning it’ll be easy to load and unload the stroller and kid. But on the way there the driver announced that the last stop was the one *before* the zoo. “What about the next stop?” I asked. “Look,” she snapped, “I have five minutes to pee, so get off now.” The lower step on these trains is about a foot off the ground, just high enough for the BOB stroller wheels to get wedged under it, so I had a panicked few seconds worrying that she’d drive off before I could free the stroller.

On the return trip it was even worse – I trundled the stroller up the handicapped access ramp at the zoo station, and the next train drove right by me, with the operator signaling that I should go to the non-stroller friendly far end of the stop. Then she drove away as I was walking up to the door. I had to ask someone to help lift the stroller onto the next train…again, the wheels wedged under the door and I couldn’t heft it in. Truly a pain in the ass, compounded by drivers who all appear to have chips on their shoulders.

Coupled with the truly nasty looks I received while waiting on a Muni platform at rush hour with a stroller I have to say I’m not impressed with the SF transit system. We’ll head for a different route tomorrow and see how the stroller fares on a bus….

Some thoughts on SF

Omer, G and I arrived in San Francisco yesterday. We are staying in an apartment in the Castro neighborhood; 95% of the inhabitants of our neighborhood seem to be gay men, and the landmark by which I navigate is the giant pride flag flying near the Castro Theater. I still haven’t figured out if the assortment of pride paraphernalia in all the local drug stores is leftover from Pride Week or if they always sell the stuff. Either way, this is a great neighborhood for G to show off his love of all things pink.

Our apartment is up a very very steep hill; my goal for the summer is to be able to walk home to our apartment without needing an immediate shower and change of clothes. Also, it makes it really hard to do the grocery shopping, as pushing G AND 30lbs of groceries up the hill is damn near impossible.

It is our landlady’s first time renting out this place, and it shows. The whole house seems thrown together from odds and ends and leftover bits of sets. The kitchen has four styles of cabinets, an oddly out of place set of new appliances, a faucet that you can’t put on full strength without soaking the wall, two different colors of granite countertop, and a beautiful view over parts of San Francisco.

G has declared “I love this beautiful house” so at least it gets his vote! We also found a very cool playground yesterday, where G met a boy who greeted him with a sharptooth face. It was love at first sight.