– For the record, SwissAir (which I guess is now just Swiss) has the worst business class EVER. Seats recline to NOT QUITE FLAT, otherwise known as the angle at which to best vibrate a passenger down to the footrest during strong turbulence. It was a looooong flight, but at least we got good food, real utensils and drinks. And G even scored a doggie bag of breakfast treats because he slept through breakfast.

– On the other hand, the Swiss arrivals lounge is pretty nice, especially if you don’t have an overtired toddler who suffers a massive meltdown because you’re trying to change him out of his jammies.

– Swiss trains run on time. To the second. It’s pretty awesome.

– The Swiss do not use air conditioning, even in malls. It’s been 95 degrees here the last couple days, and all we do is sit in patches of shade and pant while the kids play on the playground.

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