G: You knitting anything now, mama?
Me: No, did you want me to knit you something?
G: How about a hat!
Me: What color?
G: Red! Let’s do it!

Off to pull some red yarn from my stash. Or maybe rainbow, to match his scarf.

Any day now….

After much deliberation, Omer and I have decided use* Birth Center associated with Cambridge Hospital for BT2’s birth. Omer was pushing hard for another home birth, but due to a combination of lack of space and lack of insurance coverage I picked the birth center. So far, we’ve had nothing but good experiences with the midwives at Cambridge Hospital. They’re very nice, generally on time, and allowed me to space out my appts to every six weeks during the early part of the pregnancy. And they always admire my current knitting project.

Today marks the day that BT2 becomes eligible for the birth center – he is officially 37 weeks, and (although I suspect he’ll stay in his warm and comfy digs for another three weeks) I am really ready for him to be born!

* I told my midwife that I am using her for her birthing tub. She thought I was joking….


I haven’t been very good about taking pictures during this pregnancy, but I have had the opportunity to belly dance. Twice.

22 weeks at a benefit for the Massachusetts Humane Society:
Lilya with Fan Veils

34 weeks at Arisia:
Lilya at Arisia

I’m not happy with my performance at Arisia (smile, dammit!), but I think it’s a great record of how I looked and moved at that point in the pregnancy.

Who knew?

My mother asked me to find an anatomically correct boy doll for G to play with when his new brother arrives. I dutifully went to Henry Bear’s Park at closing time, whispered my request to the poor guy working there, and was shown where the only anatomically correct boy doll was shelved. “But you should know,” said the guy, “that he’s uncircumcised. A parent asked once so we called the company to check.”

The quest for a circumcised version of the doll was a fruitless one. Apparently nobody makes anatomically correct circumcised boy dolls that drink and pee and use the potty. Isn’t there a Jewish niche market for this?

I eventually gave up my search and bought the uncircumcised version, and Omer has suggested that we use a dremel to alter the doll’s boy bits when the baby has his bris. I just don’t want G to get any ideas about using a dremel on his brother….