Way back in August I asked G what he wanted to be for halloween, and his answer was Rainbow Dash:

G has a history of changing costumes at the last minute, so I bought some white sweats, dyed them Rainbow Dash blue, and forgot about it.  But when I asked G again in early October, he stuck with Rainbow Dash.  Same thing a few weeks later.  I scrambled for some rainbow yarn and ordered Cutie Marks from Etsy.

It wasn’t a tough costume to make, and G was thrilled with it.  Here he is post-school halloween party:

(Okay, the mane is a little much, and the ears don’t stand up very well, but all in all I’m very pleased with it).

Unlike G, A had wavered between Spider-Man, Iron Man, Scooby Doo and Buzz Lightyear – fortunately all those costumes are already in our costume collection.  In the end Buzz won out, and A wore his costume with pride at school (he’s standing next to his BFF, Annalie).

Halloween day was unfortunately drizzly and cold, so we didn’t do much in terms of trick-or-treating – just the block nearest our house.









And, as a bonus, me and the boys on the way to G’s school’s halloween dance.  I’m the TARDIS.  Only one person at G’s school got it.

15 weeks

With our first two pregnancies, we duly waited for the 20 week anatomy scan to find out the sex.  This time, since we are both more impatient and getting into the “advanced maternal age” demographic, we opted to get CVS done to rule out the possibility of any chromosomal abnormalities…and, of course, find out the sex of the baby.   I had been having boy baby dreams since I first got a + on a peestick – dreams of bringing home a blue bundle, dreams of three brothers playing together.  I was, truth be told, looking forward to having a third boy.

At the mandatory genetic counseling session before CVS we were greeted by a trainee counselor – her mentor sat with us, but the trainee got to do her spiel.  She was a bit nervous, made moreso when we told her to skip to the end of her chromosome talk since we both know basic genetics.  The night before we got the results of the screening, I dreamt that the trainee genetic counselor called me and said, “Your fetus has an X and a Y so you’re having a girl!” and in my dream there followed a long lecture about sex chromosomes in humans.  So when the mentor genetic counselor called and said we were having a girl, I said “You mean…there are two X chromosomes?”  She laughed, said yes, and emailed me the lab results so I could see for myself.

So there you go: at the end of April we’ll be adding a little girl to our already chaotic household.  The boys are over the moon, but mad that I’m not having twins so they’ll have to share their sister.

I feel like I didn’t do a good job documenting either of my pregnancies, so I’m making a concerted effort to take pictures during this one.  Here’s my last night dancing at El Mansour – I was 14 weeks pregnant.

Really too pregnant to dance (you can see the tummy under my veil!) but the owner had taken six weeks to find my replacement!  I’m sad to be done with restaurant dancing – especially at El Mansour, where everyone was so friendly – but my costumes were barely fitting, and wedging myself out of the house that late at night was getting to be a chore.

And then below, I’m 15w4d pregnant.  Hard to believe that with my first pregnancy I stayed in my normal clothes until past 16 weeks!  This time I was looking for stretchy waisted pants by 10 weeks.

(I still can’t believe we’re having a girl…Anatomy scan is November 26th and I’m not going to get too excited until that’s done!)