Things Asher has done to bug the everloving crap out of me today:

–  At the beach, ran up the dunes and back to the parking lot despite my repeated yells of STOP!

–  threw a thankfully empty yogurt container at me while I was driving.

–  Emptied a full bag of cheese puffs on the living room carpet (and on his head, and in his diaper)

– Emptied an almost-full container of body wash into his very small bath bucket; tracked extremely soapy footprints all over the bathroom; wiped his face on every towel in our towel closet that he could reach.

– Thoughtfully emptied a full container of kleenex into a large cup.  I can only imagine this kept him busy for at least five minutes.

I’m seriously ready to give up – he is immune to threats, doesn’t care about punishment, and is a little sh*t much of the time.  Fortunately he’s also super cute.