Christmas list update

Asher woke up on Saturday morning and declared, “I want to hug Santa today!”  Cue a search for the big guy that involved fake snow, a long distance sighting at the Hyatt (breakfast with Santa – the biggest racket in town at $28/pp!), a forced march to the Westfield Mall, and – finally! – a Santa sitting around without a line in a paint-your-own-pottery place in the mall.  Score!  Of course, Gideon – who said he MIGHT stand next to Santa but definitely wasn’t going to sit anywhere near his lap – perched himself right on Santa’s knee and smiled his most winning smile for the camera.  Asher, who had been looking forward to this all day, managed his best threenager smirk.  Miri, who was rudely awakened from her nap to perch on her brothers’ tiny laps, was totally unaware of what was going on.  So we got this:



After the photo was taken, Asher reiterated his christmas list to Santa:  Pink toothbrush, candy tree, cereal that looks like candy.  If Asher wants something for more than about 30 seconds, it’s serious – so once we got home and the kids were distracted I started trying to find that pink toothbrush online.  Turns out, the specific toothbrush Asher wanted – the picture he’d cut out of the magazine – seemed to be discontinued.  Fortunately there were several for sale on ebay (ew), so that’s all set.  The candy tree I’ll make from one of those gingerbread tree kits with some extra candy thrown on.  Not a problem.  Cereal, too, is easy to find.  BUT – and here’s where I’m going to be bad Santa – since Asher has destroyed two tubes of my mascara in the last week by “painting” it on the bathroom walls, I’m planning on taking the cereal out of its box and replacing it with a tube of my mascara and a long letter from Santa about only touching one’s own belongings.  It’s either that or coal, and I think being denied a treat will have more of an affect on Asher than getting a bunch of rocks that could be used to further deface our bathroom walls.

Gideon is also holding steady with his Christmas list – a lava lamp, some spy gear, and blue roller skates.  I’m not entirely sure how he thinks Christmas lists work (or maybe he buys into my constant reminders that Santa is watching) but last night he decided he wanted a massager (like the one he tried out in the nail salon last weekend).  He pointed his face toward the ceiling and yelled, “Santa, I also want a massager!  For my back! And all the places that hurt when I have growing pains!”  Thank goodness for Amazon Prime!

So there you go.  Santa roundup 2013.  I’m ready for the holidays (and especially that pesky two week school vacation) to be over now!

IMG_1453 IMG_1495 IMG_1538

Asher’s Christmas List

I first brought up the subject of Christmas lists a few weeks ago, telling Asher we were going to write letters to Santa.  Being a literal three year old, he wanted to know WHAT LETTERS.  I didn’t understand his question, and we went back and forth for a while before he clarified: “No, mama – what letters?  A?  O?  G?”  Once we cleared up that misunderstanding, I explained to Asher that he could just cut out pictures of what he wanted, tape them to a piece of paper, and send that paper to Santa.  This percolated in his little head for a while, until he came home from school on Wednesday and declared that he was going to make his christmas list.  I was expecting pages of things, since he had been going through the toy catalogs and circling pretty much everything.  Instead, what I got was this:



He recruited Gideon to write “From Asher To Santa” on the back, and then brought the paper to me and asked me to send it to Santa.  I asked Asher what all these things were, and he said, “A pink toothbrush.  That cereal that looks like candy.  Half a candy christmas tree.  Do you think Santa will bring me all this?”  Without a doubt, kiddo.  Best Christmas list ever.