Holiday roundup

Better late than never, I suppose.

Christmas happened.  The boys unwrapped their presents (agonizingly slowly, in Asher’s case), toys were played with and then forgotten.  Asher uses his pink toothbrush every day, after painstakingly applying the stickers it came with.  G has tried rollerblading once.  The lava lamps get turned on occasionally.  The surprise hit of the present pile was Asher’s pair of batman rain boots – bought at a consignment shop because Santa is cheap – which he has worn every day since Christmas.

IMG_1669 IMG_1673

On the 27th we headed down to Carmel Valley Ranch, a lovely, kid-friendly resort about two hours south of SF.  The boys loved it – it was warm enough for them to swim in the heated pool, and there were s’mores every night around a fire pit.  Asher keeps asking to go back!

We drove back to SF the 31st, then back down to Capitola to visit friends on the 1st, then Asher was back in school Jan 2nd.  My plans for an easy Friday were shattered, though, when Asher barfed as we were getting ready for school.  An entire day of vomit followed, but was fortunately contained to just Asher.  And then, finally, after a horrible weekend of keeping everyone quarantined, I got everyone off to school on Monday Jan 6th.  Those are 16 days of vacation I’m glad I never have to do again!



Swinging at Carmel Valley RanchIMG_1744

















IMG_1761 IMG_1758 IMG_1752 IMG_1794 IMG_1804 IMG_1811 IMG_1870 IMG_1905 IMG_1938













We spent a day exploring Monterey, first at the Dennis the Menace Playground and then at MY museum, a museum geared toward kids Asher’s age.  Fortunately Omer and G found the craft area, where there were hot glue guns for all.