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1. Mazda 3s might look pretty and drive well during the summer, but god help you if you try to drive one in the snow. “I am a leaf on the wind – watch how I soar” is not my quote of choice for navigating the roads of NH.

2. I love the fact that 90% of the time when I pick up a zipcar the radio is tuned to NPR.

3. Since I got back from my visit to Allison and Na’he, Mr. Fizz is the parent of choice for reading books and watching movies. In fact, he is doing bedtime duty right now. Clearly I should go away more.

4. A brief list of things in bed with G tonight:
– A toy supermarket scanner
– Marty, the zebra from Madagascar
– his “new” toy car
– a plastic dinosaur we call Aladar after the Disney character
– two dreidels
– a stuffed Nemo
– Pickles, a stuffed dog
– Milk a la G, made with 1% milk, ice and miralax. Yum.

5. G’s most frequent rant when he doesn’t want to see someone? “I mess him up! I wrap him up up up in towel and GRIND him up! I put him in trash and mash mash mash! I mess him up! Thbbbbbbt!” We think he might have a good career as a mob enforcer. And we have no idea where he got this little tirade from.

6. For the first time ever last night I was offered a joint on my way into a gig at a private party. I know that marijuana possession is decriminalized and all, but really?

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