priorities, people!

Yesterday I overheard two women talking on the T. One spent a long time complaining about how comcast had screwed up her cable, and how the over-the-phone troubleshooting didn’t work.

“So now Comcast has to come to my house, and the first day they can come is Tuesday. I have a doctor appointment Tuesday. I’m going to call first thing in the morning and change my doctor appointment.”

Even better? The new poster up at Dunkin Donuts advertising their egg white flat bread sandwich:
“Eatin’ right. You kin do it!”

Somehow I can’t see this slogan going over really well at the Lexington Dunkin Donuts.

2 thoughts on “priorities, people!

  1. Having suffered without internet at home for over a week (and, more importantly, having suffered through a wife suffering without internet at home for a week), it sounds like that woman’s priorities were all set.

    P.S. He sings that to Jingle Bells???

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