Pinterest win: flat bottom yarn bag

Pinterest is full of fails, but every once in a while I manifest a win.  Since sewing is my new favorite craft (so much faster than knitting!) and SF has a bring-your-own-bag policy, I’ve enjoyed trying out bag patterns gleaned from Pinterest.  My latest attempt is based on this tutorial for a flat bottomed, zippered bag.

The finished results, perfect for stranded knitting:



IMG_7639This was my first attempt at adding a zipper to something, and next time I have to be careful NOT to sew the fabric quite so close to the zipper, as it keeps getting caught.  But since this bag will probably only get opened every once in a while, it’s not too big a deal.  The instructions also told me me sew up and over the zipper as I seamed the lining and outer fabric, and my sewing machine flat out laughed at me when I tried to do that.  As a result the edges aren’t as crisp as they should be.  I suspect a longer stitch would help next time.

For reference, the pattern I drew up based on the tutorial instructions was 10″ wide and 7″ tall, with a 4″ wide base.  Perfect size for a makeup bag or clutch as well.  I put interfacing on both the outer and lining fabrics, which makes it a tad too stiff IMO.  And remember to add grommets the bag before you sew the seams!

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