Two down, one to go!

At three years and seven months, Asher is hereby officially potty trained – pee, poop and overnight.  This means only one child left in diapers and a whole bunch of un-used pull ups that need to be donated.

Asher is my honey badger child – he just doesn’t give a sh*t – and it’s almost impossible to make him do anything.  Whereas with Gideon a basket full of little wrapped “poopy presents” was sufficient to take care of potty training, everything I offered Asher was met with his signature “I just not like xyz that much.”  I can’t pinpoint exactly when Asher’s potty breakthrough happened – he just sort of started wearing underwear occasionally, and then more consistently at school, and then all the time – but I do know the exact moment when he decided to start pooping on the toilet.  We were at Target, and Asher had found a trio of iron man figurines he REALLY WANTED.  He rarely REALLY WANTS things (Gideon desperately wants everything all the time for about five minutes, but when Asher latches on to something, he latches on hard.)  I told him I’d buy those iron men, but he would only get them if he pooped on the potty.  One per day.  Any days skipped would mean an iron man toy confiscated.  And that was that – honey badger was suddenly all about pooping on the potty.  True to his commitment to being the anti-Gideon in every way, Asher now absolutely doesn’t want any help wiping – he just gleefully swipes at his butt, pulls up his pants, and then wonders why there’s poop everywhere.  So we’re working on how sometimes it’s necessary to accept help graciously (ha!) and wiping one’s own butt is one of those times. On the other end of that spectrum, we’re working with Gideon to convince him that I don’t need to help him wipe any more.  Oy.

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