Six month stats

I’m half a month late with these, but better late than never!  At her six month appointment on November 8th, Miri was 17lbs 6oz, 26.75 inches long, and had a 44cm head circumference (68th, 78th and 88th percentiles respectively).  She’s still the runt of the family – Gideon had reached 18lbs by 6 months, and Asher was probably 18lbs by 4 months – but she’s doing great!  We started pureed foods about 6 weeks ago, and she loves eating all the combinations we’ve given her.  She will also attempt to eat any teething biscuits, puffs, bread or fruit we put on her tray – though she often gags when she takes a bite.  I’m  having trouble remembering how Asher went from not eating to eating pizza by 9 months old…so right now we’re moving slowly with the solids.  I have, however, given her a mouthful of peanut butter pumpkin soup, so at least that peanut allergy thing has been dealt with already.

As far as other milestones, Miri sits well without help, but dislikes being on her stomach.  She rolls with ease, and if I leave her on her stomach I will find her on the other side of the room in a few minutes, often chewing on a small plastic thing the boys have left out.  The next few months will be fun!

IMG_0955 IMG_0841 IMG_0796 IMG_0806 IMG_1018

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