Asher’s Christmas List

I first brought up the subject of Christmas lists a few weeks ago, telling Asher we were going to write letters to Santa.  Being a literal three year old, he wanted to know WHAT LETTERS.  I didn’t understand his question, and we went back and forth for a while before he clarified: “No, mama – what letters?  A?  O?  G?”  Once we cleared up that misunderstanding, I explained to Asher that he could just cut out pictures of what he wanted, tape them to a piece of paper, and send that paper to Santa.  This percolated in his little head for a while, until he came home from school on Wednesday and declared that he was going to make his christmas list.  I was expecting pages of things, since he had been going through the toy catalogs and circling pretty much everything.  Instead, what I got was this:



He recruited Gideon to write “From Asher To Santa” on the back, and then brought the paper to me and asked me to send it to Santa.  I asked Asher what all these things were, and he said, “A pink toothbrush.  That cereal that looks like candy.  Half a candy christmas tree.  Do you think Santa will bring me all this?”  Without a doubt, kiddo.  Best Christmas list ever.

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