All the stats!

Miriam turned one on May 2nd, and in true third child fashion she didn’t get a party.  We bought her a cupcake, but she was tired so I put her to bed and her brothers volunteered to eat it for her, while asking me to recount Gideon’s THREE first birthday parties.

All threeIMG_4256 kids have had physicals in the last month, so this is where they all stand:

Miri is 21lbs, 4oz and 29.5 inches.  She is a few ounces and two inches smaller than Gideon at that age.  Asher, our enormous child, weighed about 26lbs and was the same height as Gideon.  Still, she’s respectably in the 70th percentile for weight and 80th for height.  She also has 12 (or maybe 13) teeth, and has been cutting molars for WEEKS.  I never remember the boys teething this hard and miserably – and I can’t WAIT for these teeth to finally cut through Miri’s gums.  No walking yet, though she will happily hold your two index fingers and “motor”.  She says lots of words (mama, aba, bob (to mean Jen and Bob upstairs), up, down, bubbles, brother (with sign), woof, vroom, uh-oh) and signs lots of words (dog, bird, hat, fish, wash hands (bath), eat, drink, water, milk, please, horse, baby signing time (signs baby), brother, wheel, car, more, ball) and has a very painful way of grabbing the back of your arm in a pincer grip to steer you wherever she wants you to go when you’re carrying her.  If you don’t go fast enough, she’ll start kicking you like a horse.  The next couple years will be fun, because even now when you tell her not to do something she’ll have a tantrum – complete with banging her head on the floor.  Joy.

IMG_4715Asher had his 4 year 2 month checkup (just in time for school and camp physicals to be due) last week, and weighed in at a hefty  48lbs (clothed, but no shoes) and 43 inches tall.  This puts him in the 97th percentile for weight and 87th for height, and also deposits him in the obese range of the BMI chart.  He’s a dense kid – he might weigh close to fifty pounds, but you wouldn’t guess that until you tried to pick him up – and the doctor wasn’t too concerned (though he did suggest I cut down on Asher’s carb intake.  Funny, given how many crumbs from snuck crackers I find in his bed).  Asher recently told us his superpower was sneakiness, and he reminds us of that fact daily.  Asher has been appearing on many mornings with a  chocolate ring around his mouth, but I couldn’t figure out where the chocolate was coming from.  I finally had to move our dining room table a bit to fit more guests, and found a little stash of chocolate chips on the rug under the un-used portion of the table.  And of course, if you catch him doing something he shouldn’t be doing, he’ll simply say, “I just couldn’t help myself, mama!”  My little honey badger.

IMG_4827Gideon, at 7 years and 8 months, weighed in at 54lbs and was 49″ tall – about 40th percentile for both.  Gideon is deeply into Minecraft right now – both playing it on his iPad and watching youtube videos of some british guy playing it.  He’s finishing up first grade, and has enjoyed it (but is still reading below grade level).  I think we have our work cut out for us academically this summer.




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