Let’s play catchup again.

Oh, hi!  I have a blog!  Let me tell you our crazy summer.

June 14-21: Camp Mather.  Crawling baby ate more dirt than I care to think about.  Gideon discovered a love of horses.  Asher whined.  We left a day early.  Signs of the Rim Fire were everywhere on the drive to Mather.  We couldn’t go to our beloved swimming hole because everything along the road was burned out – and there was a steep fine for leaving the road in the burn zone.  Fortunately the fire fighters – who had used Mather as a base camp – had done a fantastic job saving the camp itself.  There were no signs of fire in Mather or at Evergreen Lodge next door, but a few feet from where Evergreen’s property ended everything was blackened.

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After we got back from Mather I had 9 days to finish packing my house.  It was a stressful week.  My parents came to help, my mom was hospitalized with cellulitis, my dad did his best to entertain all three kids by himself.  And finally the movers came on June 30th.  It took four guys 8 hours to get all our stuff into the truck.  We had about 220 items.

We said goodbye to Gates and Bridges, Marin Prep, all our friends, our wonderful (if tiny) apartment), and hopped on a plane to Boston on July 3rd.


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Asher came down with a fever on the flight, and shortly afterwards developed the blisters characteristic of Hand Foot and Mouth disease.  One last parting gift from San Francisco.  Miri got the fever and blisters a few days later, so our first week in Norwich was a blur of grumpy baby.  The boys stayed with Grammie and Taba for a week of summer camp (Gideon) and lounging around trying to get better (Asher).  I spent a week waiting for our stuff to show up.  It finally arrived on July 13th.

The next few weeks were a whirlwind of summer camps, trips to Dan and Whit’s to get ice cream, trips to Ice Cream Fore You to get ice cream, and Home Depot runs.  The highlight of our first couple weeks was the Norwich Fair, a carnival that was just the perfect size for an almost-8-year-old.  The fair fireworks are launched from the field behind our house, so the boys got to see their first fireworks show ever, thanks to the fact that it woke everyone up.



IMG_6014IMG_6023 Somehow the vegetation in the back yard managed to quadruple in size between April and July.  Eek.  Plans for “dealing” with the bushes on the back hill were tabled until things die back in October.  IMG_6044 IMG_6052 IMG_6073 IMG_6116 IMG_6313 IMG_6360 IMG_6486


School started for Gideon at the end of August. Ms. Fors, his teacher, seems wonderful.  She’s full of energy and ideas and so far Gideon is doing great.  Asher shifted from a preschool class to a pre-K class (five boys and one teacher!) at FitKids at the River Valley Club in Lebanon NH.  Miri started her two day a week arrangement at the same child care facility.  (So far she loves her teachers but still cries when I leave).

We’ve met a bunch of awesome new friends and explored the surrounding area a bit over the course of the last two months.  Hands down my favorite new place is Storrs Pond in Hanover.  Lots of beach to play on, a great pond, adjacent pool and ice cream shop.  They also rent paddle boards and canoes.  I think we’ll be spending a LOT of time there next year!

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