Allow me to introduce our newest baby

Meet Gingersnap.


I’d put down a deposit with a golden doodle breeder in NY in July, thinking we’d get a doodle from the litter due in December/January.  However, we were 9th on the list and there was a litter of 9 born in July.  The breeder gave us the choice of taking this little girl – who is very un-doodly in her appearance – or waiting until spring.  We decided to give her a try.  She sheds a tiny bit (so far nobody’s allergies have been triggered) but is a super mellow and loving dog who just wants a foot on which to sleep.  Gideon is great with her – he listened attentively to the trainer we brought to our house, and reminds us constantly of the rules! – he takes her for walks and plays well with her.  Asher is terrified of her – he screams and runs whenever she comes near.  Miriam considers her another doll and can frequently be found poking her in the eye or trying to pick her up to carry her.  So far Ginger takes it like a champ (and our trainer told us it’s important for Ginger to realize that Miriam is not a fellow puppy, despite the similarities in size).

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