Muni meanies

G and I hit the SF zoo this afternoon. The zoo itself was great – sheep and goats wandering around to be petted and fed, peacocks also wandering free, great playgrounds – but getting there was a pain.

The L train theoretically stops at the zoo – a handicapped accessible stop, meaning it’ll be easy to load and unload the stroller and kid. But on the way there the driver announced that the last stop was the one *before* the zoo. “What about the next stop?” I asked. “Look,” she snapped, “I have five minutes to pee, so get off now.” The lower step on these trains is about a foot off the ground, just high enough for the BOB stroller wheels to get wedged under it, so I had a panicked few seconds worrying that she’d drive off before I could free the stroller.

On the return trip it was even worse – I trundled the stroller up the handicapped access ramp at the zoo station, and the next train drove right by me, with the operator signaling that I should go to the non-stroller friendly far end of the stop. Then she drove away as I was walking up to the door. I had to ask someone to help lift the stroller onto the next train…again, the wheels wedged under the door and I couldn’t heft it in. Truly a pain in the ass, compounded by drivers who all appear to have chips on their shoulders.

Coupled with the truly nasty looks I received while waiting on a Muni platform at rush hour with a stroller I have to say I’m not impressed with the SF transit system. We’ll head for a different route tomorrow and see how the stroller fares on a bus….